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Dispatch Office: Montebello, CA 90640
Radio Dispatched Vans Throughout LA & Orange Counties

Sewer Line

When you are experiencing irritating and untimely problems with your drains or plumbing system, you can count on the masters at Rooter & Plumbing Masters to provide a timely and lasting solution. RPM provides expert plumbing installation and repair from our Dispatch Office in Montebello, Ca. serving all Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

At Rooter & Plumbing Masters, we can do more than just clear your drains. We have a variety of services to safeguard your plumbing systems for years and years to come.
Hydro Jetting - Plumbing Services in Montebello CA, USA

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is a method we use to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. A blast of water at 4000 psi is sent into the lines that will remove any blockages and build up. This form of pipe cleaning is generally very effective for breaking up blockage.
Piping Methods - Plumbing Services in Montebello CA, USA

Piping Methods

When your pipes are getting up in age or need to be replaced because of a crack or burst, the professionals at Rooter Plumbing Masters are here to help.

Copper Re-piping Read more
PEX Re-piping - Plumbing Services in Montebello CA, USA

PEX Re-piping

PEX was introduced in the United States around 1980 and has become commonplace for repiping and plumbing repairs.Its popularity can be attributed to many factors, including cost, flexibility, and fast installation with fewer connections and fittings. PEX is also more efficient than copper pipes, as it does not lose heat. Although PEX is not suitable for outdoor use, it is much more resistant to freezing temperatures and bursting. Read more
Trenchless Lining - Plumbing Services in Montebello CA, USA

Trenchless Lining

Trenchless Lining technology fills in missing pipes and levels out big offsets in your piping. This technique is a great way to restore the structural capacity of compromised pipelines while avoiding the disruption and costs caused by digging long trenches in your yard and driveway.

Trenchless ... Read more
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